Thursday, 5 November 2015

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My sex story

I accompanied a Chinese businessman on his Paris trip. The guy was looking for beautiful girl to accompany him to on his boring business trip. After work, we check out the beautiful city. We went to Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Sainte Chapelle and many other famous places.  Each evening we dine in fine restaurant and later in night we had rocking time in bed having lots of kissing and touching.
We stayed for 3 nights in Paris. First two nights were filled with kissing and lots of foreplay activity. But, the last night sex was just awesome.  The Chinese guy lay me down on the floor, tie my hands to the legs of the chair, gagged my mouth and looked quite differently.  The situation was looking like a rape scene from a famous Hollywood movie. I was extremely nervous when he did this to me and had no idea what will happen next. I regretted the decision of accompanying him to Paris. Had it been Moscow; then at least I could have called the cops.
Moving back to my encounter, the guy took out a scissor from his pocked and cut my top into two pieces. Then, he unzipped my pants and removed it along with underwear.  Now, he removed the cloth from my mouth and gave me sweet kisses on the lips. He kept on kissing me for at least half an hour simultaneously fondled my lovely tits. From lips, he moved to my neck where he poured down soft kisses over it and sucked my tits in between too.   I loved it when he fastened his lips on my breasts.  Although, he had bounded me; but the guy was quite gentle with me.  Our whole encounter was filled with kisses and touching.
When he was satisfied playing with my lovely tits; he move down to my stomach area and kissed it passionately all over it.  He squeezed my tits while kissing. It seemed that he had fallen in love with my lovely tits. The guy then opened my legs and inserted his big cock deep inside my vagina. He moved ferociously inside me causing little bit pain. He kept on moving till he ejaculated deep inside my body. After that, he untied my hands and legs.  But, the Chinese guy appetite was quit huge. He sat beside me stroked my hair for a while and run his firm hands over my back.
The guy sit behind me and started kissing my back starting from neck. He rolled his tongue all over my back while his hands squeezed my tits and his penis move inside my vagina. I was out of the world at this moment and sweat heavily during this encounter. It was first time that I was kissed, fondled and fucked at the same time. I was getting a feeling of group sex actually. Soon, the guy ejaculated inside me and heaved a sigh of relief.
Both of us went to deep sleep after that. Next day, we catch up our flights to our native country. He went back to China while I came back to Russia. But still I remember about our last night in Paris; I started feeling wet. I wish I could have more of it.

Thursday, 23 April 2015


I have been dating my girlfriend, Michelle, for about four years and we are both twenty. She has a younger sister who just turned eighteen. Carly is blonde, and has a real nice body with curves in all the right places. Much to the dismay of her sister and the rest of her family she likes to dress like a slut. The only underwear she owns are sexy thongs and boy shorts with sayings on them like “PINK” and “Sure Thing.” She always wears low cut tops that show her C cup cleavage and whenever she’s going out to party she wears really short skirts. Michelle dresses a lot more conservative than that so when I see how her sister dresses it really turns me on.
Michelle’s family had a reunion to go to out of town over the weekend. Her parents asked me if I would mind staying at their house that weekend to watch the house and take care of their dog.  I agreed and figured it might be fun to go through Carly’s room while everyone is gone and look at her sexy underwear.

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They were all set to leave when Carly throws a fit because one of her girlfriend’s is having her eighteenth birthday party on Friday night. Yes, Carly can be a real drama queen at times and like usual her parents gave in and let her stay home on the condition I agreed to watch her. They told me to make sure she doesn’t bring any boys home.
The rest of the family ended up leaving Friday around noon and they wouldn’t be home until late Sunday. At first I spent most of my time watching TV. I didn’t see much of Carly as she spent most of the afternoon in her room with the door closed. Finally, she started to get ready as I heard her going back and forth between the upstairs bathroom and her bedroom. I couldn’t wait to see what she put on because I knew whatever it was it was going to be extra sexy because her parents weren’t there to object to her outfit.

When I heard her coming down the stairs I rushed out into the hall pretending I needed to use the bathroom, but I really just wanted to get a good look at her. She was wearing a really short skirt and a top that showed a ton of cleavage. My cock got hard, but I am sure she didn’t notice as she never pays much attention to me. In fact in the past few months she had been unusually short and even somewhat bitchy towards me. I had asked Michelle about it and she just said it was just Carly being Carly and nothing for me to worry about.
“Hey, do you need to use the bathroom?” she asked.
“Yes, but if you need to use it first I can wait,” I replied.
When she went into the downstairs bathroom to give herself a final once over I called the dog over and started petting him. I positioned myself to make sure once she went back upstairs I would get an eye full. She comes out, I kept rubbing the dog and she starts back up the stairs. I am bent down so I can see right up her skirt. I could see her ass and her pussy barely covered by the little black thong she was wearing. I got a huge erection. I went back into the living room, sat on the couch and couldn’t wait for her to leave so I could beat off.

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When she left I got some lotion out and start going to town thinking about what I had seen. God I wanted this little bitch bad even if she was my girlfriend’s sister. Plus, I was horny as hell as Michelle had cut way back on the sex over the course of  the past few months. I came all over my belly, got up and cleaned up with some tissues. I watched TV for the rest of the night.
I went to bed in my girlfriend’s room at about 12:30 am. I wasn’t quite asleep yet when I heard her come in the front door downstairs as she was making a lot of noise. She was fumbling with the lock. By the time she got the door open I was fully awake. I heard her come in and shut the door behind her and kick her heels off. Then she slowly she ascended the stairs falling into the wall twice before she made it to the top. I laughed to myself realizing she was drunk.
Once she made it to the top of the stairs I heard her make a run for the bathroom. I hadn’t even heard the door shut when I heard her throw up.
This went on for several minutes, and I could hear her mumble to herself. After a few more minutes she quits throwing up. Then I heard her began to whimper and shortly this built into a full blown sob. I had heard enough so I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I didn’t even think to put anything else on I just went in my boxers and t-shirt.
The bathroom door was wide open. I found her on the floor in front of the toilet curled up in ball. She was covered with her own vomit shivering and crying. I noticed her thong on the floor. I realized she must have had it coming out of both ends and that was how her thong and the vomit ended up on the floor. She had been sitting on the toilet when she threw up. I looked down at her and could see her asshole and pussy sticking out beneath her short skirt.
She saw me come in and tried to say something. It was an awkward situation for her as she was deeply embarrassed that I was seeing her this way, but she didn’t want to be left alone and cold in a pile of her own puke for the rest of the night either. I just told her to lie still for a minute. I went out to the hall closet where the bath towels were and got a bunch of them. I was going to need them. I covered her up with one of them, put the rest of them on the vanity and went downstairs. I got some cleaning supplies, a couple of garbage bags and I fixed her a glass of sprite as it was the only clear drink I could find other than water. I went back upstairs and she was still under the towel shivering where I left at her. She didn’t try to say anything or get me to go away she just looked up at me and it seemed she was grateful I was there. I sat her drink and supplies down on the vanity.
I said, “ok in a second I am going to get you up so we can get you cleaned up, but first I need to know if you are done being sick yet?”
Faintly she replied, “….I don’t know.. I think I need to sit on the toilet, but I …. can’t get back up by myself.”
I knew I had to work quickly. I looked around and found the bathroom trashcan. I picked the towel I had thrown over her up and put it in one of the trash bags. I also put her dirty thong in there. I said, “ok I am going to pull you up, and we need to get the rest of your dirty clothes off quickly and then I am going to sit you down on the toilet.”
I looked at her for her consent to proceed with my plan and she nodded her head yes. I pulled her up, quickly lifted her top off and unclasped her bra. I pulled her skirt down, sat her on the toilet and handed her the trash can.
She was sitting there naked on the toilet holding the trash can and trying to avoid making eye contact with me. I picked up her soiled clothing and put them in the trash bag. I asked her, “what did you drink tonight?”
She replied weakly, “2/3rds a pint of cherry vodka.”
“Well that explains your predicament,” I said.
Nothing was happening on the toilet so I didn’t know if she was trying to hold back because I was in there or if she was over the worst of it.
I said, “look your drunk and embarrassed I get it so If you think your ok I can leave and go back to bed?”
I started to move like I was getting ready to vacate the room. She grabbed my arm and shook her head no.
I said, “ok now that I know you want my help you need to quit holding back if you need to go to the bathroom or puke just let it go and pretend that I am not here.”
She nodded her head yes.
She let go and pissed. Normally, I find the sound of girls peeing a real turn on, but I had dropped out of perv mode the minute I had walked into the bathroom and seen what kind of shape she was in. When she was done pissing she looked up at me and made a motion for the drink I had fixed her. I handed it to her and she took a drink and handed it back to me. She grabbed the trash can and put it up to her head.
And then and the same time out of her ass came, “phhhtttttttt, phhhtttttttt, phhhtttttttt.”
The good news was this wasn’t as violent as her prior attack as it didn’t last as long. I rubbed her head and stoked her hair to comfort her when she threw up. Once she was done I put the trashcan that was partially filled with puke down and she wiped her ass.
After a few minutes had passed without anything else happening I asked, “do you think you are ready to try for another drink?”
She nodded her head yes and I handed her the drink. This time she took a bigger swigg. I held the trash can up and she waved it off. She was able to sit there for four to five minutes so I figured it was safe to move on to the next phase of the plan.
“Sit there, I will clean up the floor and then we will get you into the shower,” I said.
She nodded her head yes and her face turned a red. I knew she was starting to feel better because now she felt embarrassed. I used two of the clean towels and some pine cleaner to quickly mop up the floor, and when I was done with that chore I put the towels in the garbage bag with her dirty cloths. Satisfied that the worst of it was over I was about to tie the bag when she pulled on my shirt.
In a hoarse voice she said, “Mike, your cloths are covered with my puke you need to put yours in there too.”
I looked at her kind of funny. She said in a strained, but recovering voice, “come on you have seen everything I got now and in the very worst way so off with them.”
She did have a point as my boxers and t-shirt had soaked a lot of her vomit up and if I didn’t remove them the smell might make her sick all over again once she got out of the shower.
So I took my t-shirt off and then my boxers. I was a mere three feet in front of her. I didn’t try and cover up or hide. I had seen hers so there wasn’t really any point trying to be modest. I put my clothing in the trash bag and tied it shut. I took the trash can of vomit and put it in another trash bag and tied it up. I put the bags in the hall and came back into the bathroom and started the water and got the temperature right. They had a nice over sized walk in shower that two people could easily fit in. I grabbed her hand and helped her off the toilet and walked her into the shower. I was about to close the door when she said, “fucking just get in we already seen each other naked and besides I might need someone to hold me up.”
I got in the shower with her and watched as she let the spray run over her. She stepped out of the way so I could let the spray run over me. For the first time I was able to appreciate how beautiful she truly was. Her body was perfect. She was a 10 with her clothes off where at best her sister was a 7 or 8 with her clothes off. My cock got hard. She looked down at it and her eyes bugged out. I said, “sorry.”
She said, “it is normal don’t worry about it.”
Even though she was still feeling bad I thought I had detected a smile.
“Would you pull the handheld off and hand it to me?” she asked.
I did and she lathered up her cunt and ass and sprayed them off. She looked at me smiled and said, “at this point there is no sense in being modest around you.”
I washed myself off. We got out of the shower, toweled off, and then we wrapped ourselves in our towels. I could still tell she was only about 50% so I walked her to her room and told her to sit down on her bed. I asked her what she wanted and she said a pair of panties and her night gown. She told me where I could find those items, and what do you know she did have some conservative underwear. I helped her get dressed put her under the covers and tucked her in.
She looked at me and I noticed a tear streaming down her face. She said, “I am sorry, I am such a fuck up and you had to take care of me.”
I wiped her tear from her face with my hand and said, “you’re not a fuck up everyone parties a little too hard once in awhile.”
She smiled and asked, “thanks for taking care of me and I hate to ask and I don’t want this to come off the wrong way, but do you think you could stay in my bed with me tonight I don’t want to be alone.”
I said, “sure, just let me go get dressed.”
I knew she was just asking because she was sick and didn’t feel good, but still as I walked to my girlfriend’s room my cock was as stiff as it gets and leaking precum. It was going to be a long night I told myself. I was going to be in bed next to the hottest girl I’d ever seen naked and I was going to have to touch her and comfort her without getting sexual with her. I quickly put on a fresh pair of boxers and went back into Carly’s room. I got under the covers with her. She said, “spoon me.”
I got behind her and my hard cock was poking her in the ass as I started to stoke her hair. I didn’t really feel the need to apologize for the boner she was getting poked with because after what we had just been through together bodily functions aren’t something that embarrasses you anymore.
She asked, “you’re not going to tell Chell or my parents about this are you?”
I laughed and said, “I think it is me that should be worried you’re going to tell Chell or your parents I took a shower with you and slept in your bed with you.”
She giggled and then we both drifted off to sleep.
I woke up the next morning with a warm wet mouth sucking my dick. At first still half asleep I didn’t register what was going on or where I was. I thought I was in Michelle’s room and she was giving me a rare treat. Then once I fully woke up I realized it was Carly. I opened my eyes and looked down and she glanced up with her eyes I could tell she was happy so I let her continue. I mean who was I kidding the hottest girl I had ever seen naked had my cock in her mouth and I wasn’t about to stop her even if she was my girlfriend’s sister.
She bobbed up and down on my dick and she was really talented with her mouth. Her blowjob was much better than the ones her sister occasionally gave me. She took her mouth off my cock and started using her hands so I asked her, “what is this for?”
She smiled as she stroked my cock with her hand and said, “for taking care of me last night and being such a gentleman.”
Then she put her mouth back on my cock and resumed bobbing her head up and down. I only lasted about five minutes before I cried out, ” Carly…. I am going to cum!”
She didn’t take her mouth off she just picked up the pace which made me pop. She swallowed every drop, and licked the shaft off when she was done. She crawled up to the head of the bed and kissed me on the lips. I knew what she was doing so I slipped my tongue into her mouth and made out with her. While I wasn’t the most sexually experienced guy in the world, I knew that for a lot of girls this was a test and one I wanted to pass.
After we quit kissing we both laid back in bed and I said, “you know we have a really complicated relationship now.”
“Let me uncomplicate it for you,” she said.
I asked, “what do you mean?”
Please don’t take this as being mean or hurtful, but Michelle has been cheating on you for three  months with a guy she works with. If you picked up on me being distant or bitchy towards you it was because I felt bad when I was around you knowing she was cheating on you and that you were a nice guy.